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Holly Davis

YA Fantasy Writer 

YA Fantasy 

Fifteen-year-old Jade Toley lives in the land of Bavilia, where humans, creatures, and hybrids live as equals, though not everyone wishes the creatures had such rights. All Jade wants is her own freedom from her paranoid and restrictive parents, who rarely let her leave the home she calls prison except for school or church. 


Abargo's Riddle is a fantasy/adventure that will appeal to YA and upper MG readers. It currently sits at 70k words.

Phase: Editing

YA Fantasy 

My newest WIP, nicknamed Project Pride, features Zion, a sixteen-year-old haughty prince who is fighting against his brother for a place on the throne.


My next MC is Jetta, a sixteen-year-old badass female who knows what she wants and works hard to get it, with the speed to match. 

Phase: 1st  Draft