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YA Urban Fantasy with Light Sci-Fi elements

Sixteen-year-old Lucci Baruvi dreams of a happy family—but that’s the exact opposite of what she’s got. With a stepfather who’s verbally abusive and a mother who refuses to leave, Lucci is constantly caught in the crossfire.


One night, a mysterious Celestial ruler of the Cosmos appears to Lucci claiming his King has chosen her to replace their fallen comrade. If Lucci agrees to be the replacement, she must leave Earth forever and travel beyond Pluto to train with the Celestial's magisphere power and prove herself worthy.


But becoming a Celestial isn’t as easy as it sounds. She learns of an exiled Celestial hell-bent on killing anyone who stands in his way—and that includes Lucci. All he wants is to keep his powers, avoid being replaced himself, and restore the Cosmos to a world untainted by humans—even if it means war with his own people.


Refusing to leave her mom’s side like her dad did nine years ago, Lucci rejects the good Celestial's offer. But danger hits too close to home when the betrayer attacks Lucci and threatens her mom’s life. Lucci realizes to truly protect her mom, she must gain the Celestial's power. To remain with her beloved mother would mean turning a blind eye to the destruction sure to befall not only Earth but the whole universe. Lucci decides to risk everything and leave her monsters at home to fight a bigger demon.

Beta Praise/MM
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